About Me

I’m an independent theatre practitioner, as well as a resident director for the Centre for Performance Studies in Early Theatre (CPSET). I also hold an MA in Communication and Culture  where I majored in Media and Culture and minored in Politics and Policy. I recently was a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto’s Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies.

The study of media, politics and performance has made up large part of my formal academic life over the past decade, while I’ve continued to practice as a theatre director. So ParliamentCouture is a  playful expression of the intersection of my personal interests and passions. I was encouraged to start this blog by a number of friends because I’m constantly casually critiquing or mentioning politicians’ performance, fashion and style.

Although I do have strong personal political leanings, ParliamentCouture is meant to be a non-partisan and lighthearted look at how politicians perform (and have performed) polity on the Canadian stage.

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